The Incrediwear Story

Since 2009, Incrediwear’s mission has been to revolutionize the Health & Fitness Industry with products that increase circulation to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and accelerate recovery. Incrediwear products work to increase circulation that can accelerate recovery time up to 46%. This makes Incrediwear an “active” product for active pain relief & recovery.

Incrediwear’s revolutionary active recovery wear fabric is embedded with the semiconductor elements bamboo charcoal carbon and/or germanium. Once the Incrediwear fabric touches your skin, body heat activates the semiconductor elements releasing negative ions through the body causing cellular walls to vibrate.


This cellular change in energy increases blood flow and blood speed resulting in more oxygen being delivered to the affected area which promotes faster recovery, while reducing pain and inflammation naturally.

Through medical trials/product testing, we continue to show that our products are scientifically proven to increase circulation, relieve pain and accelerate recovery for symptoms affiliated with various injuries & conditions such as; arthritis, impact injuries, sprains/strains, muscle fatigue, acute/chronic injuries, and over-exercise injuries.

Our active pain relief & recovery products do not focus on compressing in order to work; instead all our products are embedded with elements (Carbon and/or Germanium) that are stimulated by body heat to increase circulation.


incrediwear thermographic image

Our products are featured in multiple industries such as; Sports, Medical & Pharmaceutical, and Natural & Wellness stores all over the world. We are praised by; professional athletes, coaches, trainers, podiatrists, Orthopaedic surgeons, and many others wanting to live an active lifestyle, who witness the incredible results of our products that allow them to accelerate recovery, push forward, & keep moving day-to-day.

Incrediwear products are distributed in over 25 countries worldwide & counting. The reason is many athletes, medical professionals, and trainers are seeing greater results in our active pain relief & recovery over traditional compression. While compression does not have any real conclusive benefits, our products show an increase in circulation up to 22% at rest, and concrete results for pain relief & reducing inflammation.

By continuing our development of active pain relief & recovery products, we hope to see greater results and build more opportunities for people to seek out alternatives to reduce inflammation, relieve pain and overcome injuries whether acute or chronic.