Rehband is a global brand with Scandinavian roots.

With over fifty years’ experience, they have achieved a status as one of the most prominent players on the international market for sports protection and supports.

The foundation of today’s brand was set already in the mid-fifties when Rehband Anatomiska AB introduced braces and soft orthoses for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

The product range and the target group focus were widened gradually over the years and in 1994 the brand was acquired by Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, one of the world’s leading companies within technical orthopedics.

Regardless of how you define an active life, Rehband has been there.

Rehband has protected your knees on the handball court , Supported your back through tough times , Warmed your joints during your training , and your everyday activities.

And the best part is that Rehband has done all this with products developed together with you. With quality, function, and design customized for you and your everyday needs.

This is something Rehband want to continue with.

We are delighted to now be a UK Retailer for Rehband & have been using these products ourselves for many years in our own training.

No matter what your training or rehabilitation routine may be, we believe there is a Rehband product which can help and support you through each stage of your training, ideal for strength training, weight lifting, CrossFit, physiotherapy, everyday support, as well as rehabilitation.

Shop the range of Knee , Elbow & Wrist Supports coming soon !