Customer Testimonials


Ricky Moore – Owner of 1-RM Elite Training Studio, Leeds
“I used an Incrediwear support on my knee after a partial dislocation and in my opinion it increased recovery time by a good 50-75%. I initially thought it would take 5-6 weeks for a return to leg training but thanks to the Incrediwear support I was back training legs after 2 weeks!”

Liam Cooper – Leeds United
“My Incrediwear recovery leggings really help with my recovery after training and matches. Get yours!”

Nicola Edgeworth – Chelmsford.
“Since ordering these socks¬† i feel far more comfortable, i had been wearing compression hose and in the summer it was just terrible. These socks are so comfortable everything that you get told is the truth i couldn’t be without mine, i am Diabetic also have Peripheral Neuropathy i can’t praise them enough, i have my illness very bad but these socks have just made life that bit better. My ankles used to swell really bad and if i sat down without putting my feet up i would have swelling for hours afterwards until i was able to keep them elevated for a few hours. It really made going out or sitting in the car horrible because when i got swelling i felt awful as-well. I am not on very good terms with my doctor as she thinks nothing could be as good as compression hose and feeling so horrible wearing them,please give them a go they are worth every penny.”